Monday, May 25, 2015

I Dig Tuesday TM moved to West Milford Family Pumptrack for 5/26

After tons of work by Jay Huggins, the town is finally allowing the pumptrack to open on May 30 - so time to get to work! To help get everything ready, we'll be moving our regularly scheduled TM from Jungle Habitat next door to the West Milford Family Pumptrack.

Same rules as usual - same time (5:45), bring water, bug spray, and gloves - we'll bring the rest. Paydirt eligible - don't forget to actually sign the sign in sheets - or your time will not be counted!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last chance to order 2015 TTC gear!

It's your last chance to order 2015 TTC gear until the fall - don't miss out! 

Go visit the TTC/Verge store before midnight to get your order in! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Rumble in the Jungle 2015 - done and done well!

Wow, what a day! So many people who helped make the 2015 Rumble in the Jungle a success, we don't know even where to start. First, the fantastic racers and their families - we know we have the best community out there, and today was one of those days that proved it! West Milford First Aid Squad - thanks for patching us back up today! Eastern sports promotions for once again doing a great job with the scoring - thanks Tim and Jim! Alan and Ruby Rose for the great Mexican food. Echo Lake Baptist Church provided neutral water support on a hot and sticky day - thank you so much Viola and her merry band! Mountain Creek Bike Park for donating water park passes to some of our junior races. Shimano Cycling and John Florey of Highland Sports Group for donating a pair of Shimano shoes to the winners of the Cat. 1 Women's classes - thanks for supporting our ladies! And A.C. Daughtry Inc. for providing us with series numbers for 2015 - thanks Dave and Heather!

Next up on the H2H docket - Tymor Park Challenge on May 31 - always a great race put on by the Eastern Sports Promotions folks - check out all the details at!

And results are here - . Yep, we know there are a few final spelling mistakes to fix - we promise we will, just didn't want to make anyone wait any longer!

Also - we do have a few lost and found items - let us know if you left anything behind! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Rumble in the Jungle - the 2015 edition!

It's that time of year - everyone wants to know - what's the course, how long is a lap, is XYZ trail in it, is there a beer stop, when will you pre-ride, what gearing are you using, where are the monkeys, can you put my favorite trail in it, what tires are you using - you know, the usual! We can't help you with with all of those questions (although we are in favor of a beer stop - illegal at NJSP's, unfortunately!) but here's what we have. 

  • Course marking will start on Friday, May 15, and be finished on May 16. We'll try to have arrows up at critical intersections early on. It's a public park, so we can only tape the day or so beforehand. We appreciate your understanding!
  • We will have a course pre-ride on Wednesday, May 13, wheels down at 6 p.m. We will do both the Cat. 1/2 lap, as well as the Cat. 3 lap. Due to the popularity of last year's format, we will again being doing 2 shorter Cat. 3 laps. 
  • The course is about 90% the same as last years course, so if you are familiar with that course, you'll do fine with this one. Here is the Strava file for the Cat. 1/2 laps, and for the Cat. 3 lap. As most of you know, GPS is hard at Jungle - between several of the trails being so close to each other, and the weird GPS juju that often haunts Jungle, it's hard to get a super accurate lap. There is already some surveyors tape up to help you out in a few spots. 
As you pre-ride, please be considerate of the other park users - just because they might not be on bikes doesn't mean they aren't good people! Right? 

As always, with any questions. Don't forget - this is the NJ State Championship race for this year - just another reason to sign up today!

Late notice - Ride, Sat. May 9!

A late notice for a road ride - tomorrow, Sat. May 9, 8 a.m. in Harriman. Meet at the Long Meadow visitor center, we'll go for a 3 hour cruise. Perfect weather - come join us! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Last minute trail work announcement!

Come on down - I Dig Tuesdays starts tonight! Meet us at the Jungle Habitat gate at 5:45 p.m. - bring gloves, bug spray and water, we'll provide the rest! Paydirt eligible.