Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend plans and updates

A few quick updates/reminders - 

  • Badminton - Saturday, February 23 - 4 p.m. - be there! It's going to be a rainy, miserable afternoon - what a better way to spend it than getting a little exercise and having a ton of fun! You can rent racquets there as well - just bring clean shoes (avoid wearing your street shoes to play in, if possible), and show up and have a blast! 
  • For anyone who had signed up for the Saturday MTBNJ short track races over at Stephens State Park next month, they have been canceled due to some permitting issues. Contact the promoter through BikeReg for more info.
  • We are still looking for items to be donated to the Cadence Foundation. When I asked what items specifically they needed most, they said - good condition apparel (summer and winter) can generally put to good use. They have a Triathlon Team, so running gear usually is used by them. They are not in need of road handlebars or seats at this time. Things they are always are in need of are helmets, road shoes, cleats, pedals, kits (summer and winter), tires, and tubes - wear and tear items, geared to road riding. We have a box at Town Cycle for collection - if you have anything to donate as you do your spring cleaning, please consider dropping it by. We'll do one more donations run around March 6-8, so don't delay! 
That's it everyone - have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ringwood trails closed until April 15th

For those of you looking for a winter ride or hike, please be advised that many of the trails at Ringwood State Park will be closed from now until April 15, due to construction on the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. Trails will still be accessible from the top of Skyline - for a complete list of trail closures, etc. , check their website